Get started with Klarna payment integration

Klarna is a loan term financing option for customers that allows them to pay off their purchases over time. Retailers using the integrated version of Klarna with Ascend are given a special rate

Klarna is not a line of credit - the loan is specific to the individual sale. Any sale over $400 and up $10,000 can be financed with Klarna. There aren’t any hidden fees and your customers can choose which payment plan work best for them. Whether they’re stretching their budget to get the higher-end bike that they really want, or they didn’t know about all the gear and accessories they need in addition to the bike…. Klarna is a great way to bridge that budget gap.

Klarna is replacing the Trek Credit Card as of October 21st, 2021. To learn more about this change, visit the Trek B2B article. This link works best if you’re first logged into the B2B site.

Klarna will be available to retailers in the US starting on October 21st, 2021.

Klarna will be available to retailers in the UK starting on November 1st, 2021.    

Get started with Klarna

  1. Set up your Klarna account
  2. Process a sale with Klarna in Ascend 
  3. Return a Klarna sale in Ascend

Not an Ascend retailer? No problem! Learn how to set up your Klarna account and the use Klarna’s Merchant Portal to directly process payments from any device with internet access.

Visit the Ascend Retailer Portal to download Klarna images to display on your Ingenico devices as an advertising tool.

Klarna merchant support

Klarna customer support

Additional resources

Video: Introducing Klarna on Trek University

Video: Learn Klarna Demo Reel on Klarna's website

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