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Klarna - Returns on unreceived orders

When Klarna is used to finance a purchase containing a Special Order (S/O) not-yet-received, the transaction remains open as a Layaway until the item is received in Ascend & taken home by the guest.

If a guest decides to change or cancel a S/O Layaway paid via Klarna, follow the process below for your guest to receive a proper refund, and to ensure inventory accuracy.

Locate + Open the Layaway

1. Identify Payment Types: If multiple payment types were used, determine the most appropriate payment type to process the Return transaction for the item(s) being returned.
a. If Klarna is the only payment type applied, the Return must be processed via Klarna.

2. Identify S/O Item(s): Identify the S/O item(s) not-yet-received requiring return. The Special Order column will show “On Order”; the PO Number will list the “Ascend PO” found in Orders; the PO Status will reflect Submitted or “Not Yet Ordered”.

a. Once S/O item(s) are submitted & exist on an Ascend PO, the Special Order box cannot be un-checked.
b. Make a note in the Transaction Comments with the Part# or SKU, and context related to the item for return.

3. Remove the S/O Item from Layaway: Select a line item for removal & click the Remove button.
IMPORTANT – Since the S/O item has been paid via Klarna, the transaction must be completed with a $0 balance in order to initiate a Return transaction.

4. Sell without Special Order: Add the Part# / SKU listed in the comments back to the transaction.
a. Sell without Special Order; include a note! 
b. Save & return to the transaction screen.
c. From the Tools drop-down, select Copy Sales Barcode, then de-select Keep Open.
d. Save & close the transaction.

5. Initiate Return Transaction: F10 on the keyboard.
a. Paste the copied Sales Barcode.
b. Select the item for return.
c. Select Klarna as the refund payment type.
d. Complete transaction as normal.

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