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Trek UPC to EAN Conversion

Instructions for updating to the new valid EANs

1. Login into Retailer Portal from or use this link.
2. Navigate to the Trek Vendor List folder.
3. Download Trek TCG_5-12-2022 NonProprietary UPC Update.
4. In Ascend, go into options and uncheck Import Only New.
5. In the file dropdown on the home screen, highlight import then select Vendor Products.
                5a. When it prompts you, choose OK.
                5b. Highlight the sheet you downloaded earlier, click Open, Choose Trek Bicycle Corporation, and select OK.
6. After the sheet has been imported, verify your vendor products have been updated.
7. Recheck Import Only New in Options.

With products sold from other vendors duplicate products will be created. Follow the directions below to rectify this.

1. Merge your old product into the new product by using the Remove Duplicate In-store Products Wizard.
                1a. Tools > Advanced Database Functions > Remove Duplicate In-store Products
2. Highlight the old product, click Merge.
3. Highlight the new product.
                3a. Select Yes when prompted to merge.
                3b. Select Yes when prompted to merge Quantity.
4. Continue process until no duplicates exist.

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