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  1. All about the employee Time Clock

  2. Ascend Quick Links

  3. How can I see sales totals for my customers (like what they owe us, what we owe them, and what they've spent over time)?

  4. How do I add a new user?

  5. How do I assemble a product for a customer?

  6. How do I change a Tax Rate during a sale?

  7. How do I configure my default work order preferences?

  8. How do I connect to my Ascend database when I'm getting an error?

  9. How do I create an Ascend University account?

  10. How do I create and use coupons?

  11. How do I deliver reports automatically?

  12. How do I download coupons using the Coupon Wizard?

  13. How do I get a Support Tech connected to my computer?

  14. How do I get text alerts when there's an Ascend service issue?

  15. How do I install a label printer?

  16. How do I install a new workstation?

  17. How do I install an Ascend update?

  18. How do I install my receipt printer?

  19. How do I install the Ingenico iSC 250 payment terminal?

  20. How do I keep my system secure & protected?

  21. How do I manage my service center’s workload?

  22. How do I manage my store’s Spaces?

  23. How do I manage my store’s work order Quickies buttons?

  24. How do I manage my store’s work order Statuses?

  25. How do I participate in the Trek Summer Sale 2017 with Ascend?

  26. How do I process a customer’s repair?

  27. How do I process Trek warranties?

  28. How do I record a payout?

  29. How do I run a custom query?

  30. How do I sell a Gift Card?

  31. How do I sell a Gift Certificate?

  32. How do I set up my service center’s availability for scheduling?

  33. How do I set workstation names?

  34. How do I submit an idea for an improvement to the software?

  35. How do I use the Cash Drawer Counter?

  36. How do I use the Category Mapper?

  37. How do I use the SmartEtailing Direct Mail Customer Export with Ascend?

  38. How do I use Trek Connect Retail Marketing with Ascend?

  39. How do warranties work?

  40. How should I do a return for an item bought on the Trek website?

  41. How should I handle seasonal employees (who may come back next year)?

  42. I forgot my password for Ascend

  43. I forgot my user name or password for Ascend Online Reports

  44. I forgot my username or password for Ascend Analytics

  45. I got a pop-up saying Ascend can't connect to my payment processing device

  46. I messed up a sale/payment. How do I fix it?

  47. My barcode scanner isn't working

  48. My inventory scanner isn't working

  49. My label printer isn't working

  50. My nightly database backups are failing

  51. Release Notes (Beta)

  52. Release Notes (Early Release)

  53. Release Notes (General Release)

  54. The touch screen isn't working on my payment terminal

  55. What do all of the Ascend Analytics metrics mean?

  56. What do each of the Ascend client permissions do?

  57. What is Emergency Support? How do I access it?

  58. What permissions do my staff need to do a cycle count or full-store inventory?

  59. Where can I find my "top" customers?

  60. Why does my client PC(s) prompt me to update even after my server PC has been updated?

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