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  1. Access Ascend HQ

  2. Accessing Ascend Analytics

  3. Accessing Ascend Online Reports (AOR)

  4. Accessing Dexter from Ascend

  5. Add a country in Ascend

  6. Add a custom image to the (Ingenico) payment terminal

  7. Add a customer

  8. Add a new user

  9. Add a product

  10. Add a Tax Exception Reason

  11. Add a user in Ascend Analytics

  12. Add or edit products for an existing sales promotion

  13. Adjust the contrast on an MC1000 inventory scanner

  14. All about Ingenico payment processing

  15. All about the AOR Customer Transaction history report

  16. All about the AOR Service History report

  17. All about the Ascend User permissions

  18. All about the employee Time Clock

  19. Analyze inventory scan results

  20. Ascend can't connect to my payment processing device

  21. Ascend HQ - Analytics

  22. Ascend HQ FAQs

  23. Ascend recommended practices for QuickBooks®

  24. Assemble a product for a customer

  25. Assign your Quickbooks accounts in Ascend

  26. Change a Tax Rate during a sale

  27. Change the customer in a transaction

  28. Charge a purchase to Purchase on Account (accounts receivable)

  29. Close Purchase on Account for a customer (accounts receivable)

  30. Comment ajouter un client?

  31. Comment ajouter un nouvel utilisateur?

  32. Comment créer une commande fournisseur?

  33. Comment effectuer un retour?

  34. Comment exécuter une transaction de vente?

  35. Comment gérer la charge de travail de mon atelier?

  36. Comment gérer la réparation d'un client?

  37. Comment puis-je connecter un technicien de support à mon ordinateur?

  38. Comment vendre un bon d’achat?

  39. Complete a return

  40. Configure the default work order preferences

  41. Configure the Windows® settings for Ascend on the computer

  42. Create a layaway

  43. Create a new Product Category

  44. Create a quote

  45. Create a sales promotion

  46. Create a Vendor Order

  47. Create an Ascend University account

  48. Create and use coupons

  49. Create custom payment types

  50. Create customer and product queries

  51. Create rental Collections, Products, and Items

  52. Create rental Rate programs

  53. Discount items on a transaction

  54. Display my product availability on

  55. Download coupons using the Coupon Wizard

  56. Email employees

  57. Exchange a product for a customer

  58. Export (upload) product information to an eCommerce website

  59. Export query data from Ascend

  60. Find my "top" customers

  61. Get a Support Tech connected to my computer

  62. Get set up with Trek Connect Retail Marketing post-purchase emails

  63. Get started with Ascend’s Reservations functions

  64. Get started with Listen360 integration

  65. Get started with Trek Connect E-Commerce

  66. Handle Special Order items

  67. Handling seasonal employees (who may come back next year)

  68. Help a customer apply for a Trek Card in your store

  69. How does a label audit work?

  70. I can't log in to Ascend

  71. I forgot my password for Ascend

  72. I forgot my user name or password for Ascend Online Reports

  73. I forgot my username or password for Ascend Analytics

  74. I messed up a sale/payment. How do I fix it?

  75. I messed up an order. How do I undo it?

  76. Import a chart of accounts into Ascend

  77. Import a large number of Rental Items into Ascend

  78. Import a large number of Rental Products into Ascend

  79. Import a large number of vendor products into Ascend

  80. Import scan files from my inventory scanner

  81. In-Store Products vs. Vendor Products

  82. Include bikes bought on in Ascend

  83. Install a new workstation

  84. Install an Ascend update

  85. Install an MC2180 inventory scanner

  86. Install Ascend on a new workstation

  87. Install the (Ingenico) payment terminal

  88. Install the label printer

  89. Install the receipt printer

  90. Issue In-Store Credit

  91. Join the Ascend Customer Network (ACN) on Yammer

  92. Learn the Ascend Analytics metrics

  93. Listen360 FAQs

  94. Listen360 Overview with Ascend

  95. Manage Discount Reasons

  96. Manage the service center’s workload

  97. Manage the work order Quickies buttons

  98. Manage users across all multi-store locations

  99. Manage Work Order Spaces in Ascend

  100. Manage Work Order statuses

  101. Manually process a credit card, Trek Card, or gift card payment

  102. Minimum hardware requirements for Ascend

  103. Move files from Ascend into Quickbooks

  104. My barcode scanner isn't working

  105. My inventory scanner isn't connecting to Windows Mobile Device Center

  106. My inventory scanner isn't working

  107. My label printer isn't working

  108. My nightly database backups are failing

  109. Participate in the Trek Connect Retail Marketing 2019 Love your bike service promotion

  110. Participate in the Trek Connect Retail Marketing 2019 Project One paint upgrade promotion

  111. Participate in the Trek Connect Retail Marketing 2019 Smart Trainer promotion

  112. Post a payment to Purchase on Account (accounts receivable)

  113. Prepare for a full-store physical inventory

  114. Prepare for cycle counts

  115. Prepare the 2018 Bontrager Line Pro pedal recall in Ascend

  116. Print a large receipt for a transaction

  117. Private Beta Programs

  118. Process a cash payment

  119. Process a check payment

  120. Process a custom payment type

  121. Process a customer’s repair

  122. Process a financing payment

  123. Process a gift card payment

  124. Process a gift certificate payment

  125. Process a trade-in payment

  126. Process a Trek Card payment

  127. Process an eCommerce payment

  128. Process an in-store credit payment

  129. Process credit or debit card payments using the (Ingenico) payment terminal

  130. Process payments during an internet outage

  131. Process Trek warranties

  132. Que fait chaque autorisation utilisateur dans Ascend?

  133. Reboot an MC1000 inventory scanner

  134. Recalculate the Average Cost for a product

  135. Receive Vendor Orders

  136. Recommended settings for AscendScan and the MC2180 inventory scanner

  137. Reconcile inventory

  138. Record a payout

  139. Release Notes (Beta)

  140. Release Notes (Early Release)

  141. Release Notes (General Release)

  142. Resolve discrepancies in inventory counts

  143. Return for an item bought on

  144. Run a custom query

  145. Run a sales transaction

  146. Schedule a Reservation

  147. See sales totals for my customers (like what they owe us, what we owe them, and what they've spent over time)

  148. See who took a payment

  149. Sell a Gift Card

  150. Sell a Gift Certificate

  151. Selling products that come in bulk

  152. Send inventory & pricing information to Locally

  153. Send invoices for Purchase on Account (accounts receivable)

  154. Serialization

  155. Set goals in Ascend Analytics

  156. Set up a barcode scanner

  157. Set up a category flat tax

  158. Set up a Quickbooks account

  159. Set up Ascend to export (upload) products to an ecommerce website

  160. Set up Ascend to import (download) ecommerce sales

  161. Set up Gift Cards in my shop

  162. Set up my service center’s availability for scheduling

  163. Set up Purchase on Account for a customer (accounts receivable)

  164. Set up reports to deliver automatically

  165. Set up Scheduled Report Delivery

  166. Set up workstation names

  167. Set “off” season product Mins and Maxs

  168. Sign up for Ascend emails

  169. Sign up for text alerts when there's an Ascend service issue

  170. Submit a support ticket

  171. Submit an idea for an improvement to the software

  172. System setup: Email integration

  173. The cash drawer isn't opening

  174. The touch screen isn't working on my payment terminal

  175. Tips to keep my system protected

  176. Transfer products between multi-store locations

  177. Trek integration in Vendor Orders

  178. Troubleshooting the receipt printer

  179. Turn off serial number prompts

  180. Use the SmartEtailing Direct Mail Customer Export with Ascend

  181. Use rounded payments

  182. Use the Cash Drawer Counter

  183. Use the Category Mapper

  184. User permissions for a cycle count or full-store inventory

  185. Using the Orders Received by Session report

  186. View availability for Trek products using Order Grids

  187. View customers' birthdays

  188. Walking through the full-store inventory scanning process

  189. Warranty an item

  190. What information does each of the Work Order reports display?

  191. What is Emergency Support? How do I access it?

  192. What is the GDPR?

  193. Where can I find more help?

  194. Why does my client PC(s) prompt me to update even after my server PC has been updated?

  195. ¿Cómo agregar un cliente?

  196. ¿Cómo completo una devolución?

  197. ¿Cómo crear un pedido de proveedor?

  198. ¿Cómo dar de alta un nuevo usuario?

  199. ¿Cómo ejecuto una transacción de venta?

  200. ¿Cómo gestionar la carga de trabajo en mi taller?

  201. ¿Cómo puedo recibir asistencia remota?

  202. ¿Cómo vender un vale-regalo?

  203. ¿Qué hace cada autorización de usuario en Ascend?

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