1. Submit an idea for an improvement to the software

  2. Create an Ascend University account

  3. Process Trek warranties

  4. Display my product availability on

  5. Use the SmartEtailing Direct Mail Customer Export with Ascend

  6. Set up Gift Cards in my shop

  7. Send inventory & pricing information to Locally

  8. Set up a Quickbooks file

  9. Import a chart of accounts into Ascend

  10. Assign your Quickbooks accounts in Ascend

  11. Move files from Ascend into Quickbooks

  12. Ascend recommended practices for QuickBooks®

  13. Join the Ascend Customer Network (ACN) on Yammer

  14. Accessing Dexter from Ascend

  15. Set up Ascend to export (upload) products to an ecommerce website

  16. Set up Ascend to import (download) ecommerce sales

  17. Export (upload) product information to an eCommerce website

  18. Return a purchase made via Locally

  19. Process eCommerce sales

  20. Set up email integration

  21. View availability for Trek products using Order Grids

  22. Get started with Listen360 integration

  23. Listen360 Overview with Ascend

  24. Send purchase and registration information to Bike Index

  25. Register bikes with Trek during transactions

  26. Selling Trek Project One (P1) bikes

  27. Use the Ascend Retailer Portal on ShareFile

  28. Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) integration

  29. Send bike sale information to Project 529 Garage

  30. Send inventory & pricing information to Bike Exchange

  31. Messaging customers

  32. Vendor/supplier labeling programs

  33. Check in multiple Trek orders with the Receiving Wizard

  34. Get started with Klarna payment integration

  35. Set up your Klarna account

  36. Process a sale with a Klarna payment

  37. Return an item with a Klarna payment

  38. Klarna - Returns on unreceived orders

  39. Klarna transactions over $10K

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