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  1. Run a sales transaction

  2. Complete a return

  3. Create a layaway

  4. Create a quote

  5. Add a customer

  6. I messed up a sale/payment. How do I fix it?

  7. Change a Tax Rate during a sale

  8. Set up a category flat tax

  9. Create a sales promotion

  10. Add or edit products for an existing sales promotion

  11. Create, edit, and use coupons

  12. Download coupons using the Coupon Wizard

  13. Discounting By Quantity Purchased (Kits)

  14. Record a payout (petty cash)

  15. Sell a Gift Card

  16. Sell a Gift Certificate

  17. Issue In-Store Credit

  18. See sales totals for my customers

  19. Use the Cash Drawer Counter

  20. Add a country in Ascend

  21. Add a Tax Exception Reason

  22. Create custom payment types

  23. Print a large receipt for a transaction

  24. Exchange a product for a customer

  25. Use rounded payments

  26. See who took a payment

  27. Change the customer in a transaction

  28. Charge a purchase to Purchase on Account (accounts receivable)

  29. Set up Purchase on Account for a customer (accounts receivable)

  30. Close Purchase on Account for a customer (accounts receivable)

  31. Post a payment to Purchase on Account (accounts receivable)

  32. Send invoices for Purchase on Account (accounts receivable)

  33. Handle Special Order items

  34. Process a cash payment

  35. Process a check payment

  36. Process a custom payment type

  37. Process a financing payment

  38. Process a gift card payment

  39. Process a gift certificate payment

  40. Process an in-store credit payment

  41. Manually process a credit card or gift card payment

  42. Process credit or debit card payments using the (Ingenico) payment terminal

  43. Process a trade-in payment

  44. Manage Discount Reasons

  45. Discount items on a transaction

  46. Create and Use Customer Groups

  47. Using customer data

  48. Reprinting receipts

  49. Adding a Call2Recycle SKU to new e-bike sales

  50. Adding an End Of Bike SKU

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