1. Add Super Search functionality to Customer and Product Query

  2. Add a section in reports in RMS called favorites, similar to saving to My Queries  ·  under review

  3. Product/customer query "Filters" section: Ability to check/uncheck all  ·  under review

  4. Correct the Customer Address Label printing functionality on the Product Query & Customer Query report screens

  5. Integrate On Sale feature with Multi Store Data Exchange  ·  completed

  6. Separate Permission for Import and Export of Data

  7. Allow users to highlight/copy Master Product Data  ·  completed

  8. Add hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+Q) to open the "Run SQL Query" page from anywhere in Ascend  ·  under review

  9. Use the SmartEtailing Direct Mail Customer Export with Ascend

  10. Add ability to jump to Prod. query from the In-Store Product Screen  ·  under review

  11. Make Work Order Details form responsive to screen size

  12. Allow Ascend to import customer data from BikeFitting systems  ·  under review

  13. [Tools][Cust Query] 'Reset All' changes Search Field dropdown to Products.Description (should be Customers.LastName)  ·  under review

  14. Send inventory & pricing information to Locally

  15. fix the product query to display correct results- which won`t lead dealers to preordering wrong amounts of prod. per vendor

  16. Send purchase and registration information to Bike Index

  17. User permissions for a cycle count or full-store inventory

  18. Add fields to Customer record to enter Bike Fit data

  19. Allow time clock data to be imported into AscendHQ (or Ascend)

  20. TrekFest 2020

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