1. Customer record: Add Custom Messaging option same as Reservations Custom messaging to be compliant with GDPR  ·  under review

  2. Automagically update Apple label MSRPs at time of order submission  ·  started

  3. Enable copy functionality when reopening an inventory adjustment  ·  completed

  4. Ability to open the CommonApplicationData folders from Ascend.  ·  completed

  5. Allow Excel import/export to create or edit On Sale items

  6. Option to require a customer when a serialized item is sold  ·  under review

  7. Add a Committed tab to the lower pane of the Database Explorer Products Folder  ·  completed

  8. Cash Drawer Calculator  ·  completed

  9. Make more reports exportable  ·  completed

  10. Ability to create/modify product records from secondary locations  ·  completed

  11. Option to force customer association after a set dollar amount

  12. Force manual multi-store SEND/sync of all products/categories (not just deltas)  ·  completed

  13. Add functionality to Blue Sky so that support can reload ADT replica databases.  ·  completed

  14. Sync ZipCodes table for multi-store via BlueSky

  15. Modify the Negative Inventory Report to Include Date and Sales Person  ·  completed

  16. Streamline the cycle count process  ·  completed

  17. Integrate with Customer Relationship Management Software  ·  under review

  18. Include receiving sub-totals in Order History to match packing slips  ·  completed

  19. Notify a user if the same transaction, order, or work order is already opened elsewhere  ·  completed

  20. Ability to use MC1000/MC2100 Outdata files to add items to the Check Out Transfers screen  ·  completed

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