1. Trek Credit Card application wipes out vital customer info when swiping a major credit card  ·  under review

  2. Add Pay Rate tracking to User record

  3. Log and Display Product Inventory Change History

  4. Download Coupons Function  ·  completed

  5. Better user logging for BlueSky changes

  6. Check product eCommerce status before any other criteria when creating catsync

  7. Add Date and User Created information to transaction comments  ·  under review

  8. Remove Duplicate In-Store Products tool - add "Inventory only" option  ·  completed

  9. Make Icon positions adjustable or autopositioning for different window sizes.  ·  completed

  10. Email Address Collection/Consent During New Customer Creation - Impacted by Canadian Federal Bill C-28  ·  completed

  11. Add a Standard Report for open Purchase on Account balances

  12. Customer Liabilities Summary & Details Report- Breaking out Gift Certificate and Gift Cards  ·  completed

  13. Remove Multi-Store timeout error message that appears when saving transactions  ·  completed

  14. [On Sale] No indication that changes made to On Sales when not created locally cannot be shared with creating location  ·  completed

  15. Add user defineable Customer Groups for automatic discounts, customer loyalty programs and activity tracking  ·  completed

  16. Change how send all/receive all are currently being processed (Get away from Access 2000)  ·  completed

  17. Add ability to print custom Bike Hang Tags and Labels in Ascend

  18. ID number check in Customer tab  ·  under review

  19. When receiving bikes, add a window to more easily scan the serial number barcodes  ·  completed

  20. Import spare parts from dexter

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